Pet Friendly Cabins

Pet friendly cabins in the Smokies



Up to 2 pets at 40 pounds each or less:
Bear Pawz
Bryson's Paradise
Deja View
Heavenly View
Lookout Lodge
Majestic Overlook
Mountain Magic
Mountain Oasis
Paddlers Retreat
Royal Views
Watia Creekside
Watia View

***If you are traveling with just 1 Pet, we do have cabins that will allow a larger size Pet. Check with us for details.***

At NCMR, we are very pet friendly. Pets are considered on a case by case basis. Our pet rules are for the good of the pet as well as the property owner.

We often hear Guests describe their 4 legged family members as “well trained” and “sweet and gentle”. It is usually these sweet and well trained pets that suffer from separation anxiety the most! The pet knows how loved and well cared for they are and will often do anything to try and “break out” and find their families. We have seen well behaved dogs turn into “Houdini” and get themselves out of their kennels. One clawed through carpeting ($1800.00 in damage, which occurred at a cabin not with NCMR), another freed himself and proceeded to claw at the doors, wood moulding, wood floors ($1475.00 in damage), and so on…

1. Guest to pay additional pet fee in the amount of $50 per reservation, and there may be a $25.00 fee for the second pet (determined by size and breed of the pets).

2. All pets must comply with the following specifications (documentation from an accredited veterinarian must be provided by Guest upon request):

a: May not exceed a total of (2) pets, and each pet may not exceed forty (40) pounds, (Larger breed dogs, and more than 2 pets may be allowed at certain cabins, and are considered on a case by case basis)

b: Must be at least one (1) year of age or older.

c: Must be spayed or neutered

d: Must be up-to-date on rabies vaccinations and all other vaccinations. Heart-worm preventive is highly recommended.

3. All pets must be leashed at all times

4. Guest is responsible for cleaning up any/all pet refuse.

5. Pets are not allowed on furniture at any time. Any evidence of pets on furniture may incur extra cleaning fees.

6. All pets are to be treated with a topical flea and tick repellent three (3) days prior to arrival. Fleas and ticks are very rampant in wooded areas and can cause harmful / fatal illness to humans and pets.

7. Pet will not damage premises. If damages are caused, the cost of the damage will be paid by the Guest, in full. Although NCMR is authorized to charge up to $400.00 to Guests credit/debit card on file, this does not limit the Pet Owners liability for the full amount of the damage.

8. Guest should prevent pets from producing excessive noise at a level that disturbs neighbors.

9. Pet will not be left unattended for an undue length of time, either indoors or out. Pet will not be left unattended on balcony, patio, or porch.

10. Homeowner assumes no responsibility for illness or injury that may incur to pets or humans while on the premises.

Required Pet Addendum


Revised 12/2022