Guest Services

NC Mountains Realty wants to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Here are just some of the guest services available.

Are you traveling a substantial distance, or arriving via motorcycle? If so, it can be very convenient to have your groceries purchased and stored at the cabin of your choice when you arrive.

Whether you would like to save a little money with the store brand “Laura Lynn,” or you would like specific name brands, the groceries are purchased no more than a day in advance to assure freshness!  NC Mountains Realty will even purchase fruit and vegetables at the local Farmers Market as available.

Minimum order requirement is $100.00 and the service is offered at cost plus 30%.

Guest Service Request

Avanti Mobile Massage Services:
This is a wonderful mobile spa that will come to your cabin!
COUPLES MASSAGE | 50 or 80 minutes | $180 and $260
A relaxing experience for you and a loved one, this massage will leave you both with complete sense of renewal. This treatment is customizable to each person’s specific needs.SWEDISHMASSAGE | 50 or 80 minutes
Light pressure, smooth strokes and easy movements will revive within you a wonderful sense of well-being. Ideal for getting your circulation going and keeping tired muscles humming, this massage helps reduce emotional and physical stress.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE | 50 or 80 minutes
Designed to help relieve chronic tension caused by the stresses of every day life. This massage uses a variety of muscle release techniques that are adjusted to your level of comfort.

HOT STONE MASSAGE | 50 or 80 minutes
Tension, muscle aches and stiffness melt away as your body sinks into total relaxation. Special massage techniques are joined with the heat and weight of warmed basalt stones—for added effectiveness.

THAI YOGA MASSAGE | 50 or 80 minutes
This unique and effective combination of rhythmic massage, accupressure and yoga stretching creates a powerful release of stress and tension.

We suggest arranging this service as far in advance as possible! You can arrange directly with Avanti at (828) 736-7360.